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How to become a member?

If you are considering membership at Christ Our King Lutheran Church, we would be very pleased to have you enjoy our family of faith. Joining a local congregation is perhaps the most important decision you will ever make. We believe that joining a church and committing yourself to the life and ministry of a local congregation is the best thing you can do for your own personal growth in faith. It is also the best way you can live out your commitment to Christ and the growth of His kingdom.

We do not believe in "the hard sell" to get anyone to join Christ Our King, but we do invite you to pray about that possibility. We trust that the Holy Spirit will lead you to a new church home as you look to Him for guidance.

If you choose to join our Christ Our King family, we would be most pleased and excited. We will do everything we possibly can to help your relationship with Christ and the church grow and mature. We want to help you on your walk with Christ. We also hope that you will help us in our walk with Christ. Christ's church is here to help and encourage one another and to spread His love to the world.

We assume that you will make a total commitment to the life of our church family. To help you understand what our life together means, we ask that all prospective members follow this procedure:

1. Indicate your interest in joining by completing the Guest Book and make a note, "Interested in Membership" Or use one of Pew Cards Or speak with the pastor. He will arrange a visit with you.

2. Enroll in a Bible Class. "The Deep End of Sunday School" is a required Bible Study for new Christians or people unfamiliar with the Lutheran Church. Those who join by transfer of membership from another Lutheran congregation are also encouraged to attend "The Deep End of Sunday School." It is an excellent review of basic Christian doctrine and helps in our witness to Christ and the defense of the faith. All members of Christ Our King are encouraged to be in regular study of God's Word. We can be the best witnesses for Christ, and the most supportive and helpful to one another if we are actively involved in Bible Study.

3. Complete a "Membership Application" form indicating your desire to be a part of our Christ Our King family of faith.

4. Participate in "New Member Sunday" in which you will be publicly received into membership at Christ Our King. "New Member Sunday" (including "New Member Orientation") is held periodically throughout the year. You will be notified of the next "New Member Sunday."

We have two designations for our members. If you are high school age or older, you will become a "Communicant" member of Christ Our King by taking "The Deep End of Sunday School." Children who have been baptized into the Christian faith will be considered "Baptized" members. Students in 7th & 8th grades prepare for communicant membership by completing a program of confirmation instruction.

You can join Christ Our King four ways:

If you have never been baptized, this is where your membership begins. Baptism is God's means of receiving you into the family of faith, receiving His forgiveness and assurance of eternal life. Please speak with Pastor Flohr about the importance of baptism for you or your children and how to arrange for baptism. A period of instruction usually precedes baptism for adults and older children. Jesus said, "He who believes and is baptized, shall be saved." Mark 16:16
Click HERE for Baptism Information.

After a period of instruction in the basics of the Christian faith you may be received into communicant membership by the rite of confirmation. For adults and older children we offer "The Deep End of Sunday School" several times a year. This is required for those who hold no church membership or come from a non-Lutheran congregation. Children in 7th and 8th grade prepare for the rite of confirmation by attending two years of weekly instruction.

If you have held Lutheran Church membership in the past, but have been away from the church for a period of time, or are transferring from another Lutheran synod, you would be received by profession of faith. "The Deep End of Sunday School" is encouraged for all new members, but especially for those received by profession of faith.

If you currently hold church membership in a sister Lutheran Church - Canada congregation or a partner synod congregation, you may transfer your membership to Christ Our King by contacting your home congregation indicating your desire to transfer. They will notify us of your release of membership.

Christ Our King Lutheran Church is committed to excellence. God gives His best to us -- His Son, Jesus Christ. In response to that great love, we want to give our best to Him. When you join Christ Our King, we promise to serve your needs with all of the resources at our disposal. You promise to serve the Lord with us by sharing the time, talents, and treasures He entrusts to you.

We enthusiastically invite you to become part of our growing family. We are confident that the Lord will make your membership with us a source of mutual blessing!

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